Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day in the life of a courier company - Day 3

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just fell into place and you couldn't do anything wrong? A day where you were the king salesman and showed your company why you get paid the big bucks.

Well, today was one of those days... almost.

Let me run down the list of what my day was shaping up to look like:
  1. Today was the day that I was supposed to finally close the deal on a very large medical laboratory. I have been working on this for at least 6 months now. Actually, I first contacted this person 4 years ago. But, it wasn't until a few months ago that our drivers got OSHA & HazMat trained & certified through Integrity Corporate Services.
  2. Had a delivery set up for General Dynamics to go from Dallas to Corpus Christi. Might turn into some steady work with this very large company.
  3. A company called me that wants us to warehouse & delivery cleaning equipment. The deliveries are between Dallas, Oklahoma & Arkansas.
  4. Another company wants us to warehouse & deliver HazMat materials in Dallas.

Oh yeah, today was looking to be one of those great days indeed. But, like a set of dominoes, every one of them came crashing down.

  1. My contact at the medical lab had to leave town for a family emergency. So, everything is just put on hold.
  2. The guy from GD called back and said that his customer decided to do their own deliveries and they would not need to use our service.
  3. After I got all the details about the warehousing and delivery for the cleaning equipment, I realized that our warehouse is not large enough to store the customers 20' containers. Yes, we are still a small time operation :-) But, being a good neighbor I did give the customer the name & number to one of our local competitors that I thought could do the job. See there is such a thing as friendly competition.
  4. The HazMat deliveries met the same fate as the GD stuff. Their customer changed their minds and don't want to start this project.

All of this took about 5 hours of my time today. What could have been a motherload of new business, turned out to be a bunch of phone calls, emails, bids, emails, phone calls, price lists & phone calls that all amounted to... well, at least there is still beer in the fridge.

Thankfully the Bible gives us some comfort here: Ecclesiastes 10:19 says "...wine makes life merry". Just like Benjamin Franklin said: “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

So, I will happily go home, kiss my wife, play with my kids & be merry.

Tomorrow is another day. I'm ready. How about you?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day in the life of a courier company - Day 2

Will this be the day that changed the world? Or will it at least be the day that changed our company?

For 10 years now, I have been the only salesman for our company. But, as you can imagine, there comes a point where a company grows so much that one person just can't do it all. For us, that day came about 6 years ago. Ever since then, we have been trying to hire another salesman. The key word there is "trying". I can hear the words of the great Jedi Master now... "Do or do not. There is no try."

Well, for 6 years we needed another salesman and we did not get one hired. It has been a very interesting process and we learned a lot. We got close a few times. One of the most promising candidates was just last year. He had a good personality and tons of experience. In fact, his resume made him over qualified for the job. Everything was looking good. We agreed on a pay structure and we were set to go. Oh boy, I was so excited to start working with another salesman. Just thinking about sales meetings, brainstorming sessions & such put a smile on my face. J

But, it didn’t work out. The day before he was supposed to start with us, he told my business partner that he and I agreed on a different pay structure. But, we hadn’t. One thing that is completely unacceptable in our company is dishonesty. I never could determine if he was being dishonest or he really had his figures off that bad. Regardless, we couldn’t hire a salesman that was either dishonest or that incredibly bad at numbers.

So, year-after-year we carried on. Stretching our resources to its limits. Using everyone in the office to help with sales. Using selected drivers to help with sales. But, nothing is quite like a dedicated, professional salesman.

Well, today everything has changed. It is funny how things happen sometimes. There is a particular company in Fort Worth that I have been trying to get their business for 10 years. The decision maker’s name is Kenny. Kenny is a great guy. But, he would never give us their business. We just never could get our prices low enough for him to justify the change. But, every 6 months or so, he would meet with us. Always a very nice guy. Now, his company is downsizing and he was laid off.

Well, in an effort to make this long blog a little shorter. Kenny is now the new salesman for JetStar Courier. It’s just funny that for 10 years, I have been trying to get Kenny’s business. Now, Kenny will be selling for my business. Today could be the day that changes our company. Man, it is going to get real fun now.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Day in the life of a courier company - Day 1

What a day to start the “Official Blog of the courier industry". Lol

Today started like any other day. A couple of drivers out with car issues. But, hey it’s only a Tuesday. We can handle it. Despite an early morning rain, everything was running very smoothly. In fact, I was wondering if there was going to be anything to blog about today.

Then, at 12:15pm, our dispatcher said that he needed to leave immediately. Sharp pains in the back & nausea. Yes, you guessed it… Kidney Stones! Ouch! Now, this is our only dispatcher right now. But, there are three owners of JetStar Courier and we were all full-time dispatchers at some point in our career. I was out doing sales calls and Thomas was at a school function with one of his children. Fortunately, our other partner, Janan, was in the office and she was able to take over dispatch and I continued with my sales calls. Once again, the small business triumphs over adversity because we are flexible, cross-trained & prepared.

Now I thought this would make a pretty funny story for my first blog. But, no… the day was not over yet. At 1:00pm, Janan (who was dispatching now) called me on my Nextel radio and said that she would have to leave for the doctor too because she was developing pink eye. I told her that I would cancel all my sales calls and head into the office. But, she didn’t want me to be exposed to the dreaded pink eye germs. So, I went home and logged into the computer. Thankfully, we have a computer system that allows us to login from anywhere using the internet. Janan was unable to tell me what all the drivers were doing because she could no longer see the computer monitor. The pink eye had almost completely shut her eyes.

Man, technology is amazing and wonderful. Ten years ago there is no way I could have run the entire dispatch operation from home. But, today because of our Nextel radios, LADS computer software & the internet, what could have been a disastrous day really turned out to be quite uneventful. At least from the viewpoint of our drivers and customers. Not a single delivery was late today. Plus I didn’t have to worry about the commute home since I was already there. Today was a good day!

Monday, June 01, 2009

The New "Official Blog" Starts Now

Hey everybody,

I have been asked by a large organization to start writing a daily blog. This blog may, in the future, be picked up by said organization sort of an “official” day in the life of a courier. Previously, this blog has been just an experiment to see how blogger works, to see how Google Ad Sense works & to have a little fun. Well, now I am going to move this blog into a real-live grown-up blog. I will publish my first post later this evening. So, get ready.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The world is a safer place today...

...well it is safer for those medical patients that get their tissue samples evaluated by a certain medical lab here in the DFW area.

Now that JetStar Courier is HIPPA & OSHA trained & compliant, we offer superb medical deliveries for labs, hospitals, doctors, etc.

Today we signed up another new doctor. All of his patients will now be receiving the best, most secure, deliveries of their specimens between their doctors office & hospital.

Of course I can't mention what doctor it is. But, isn't it cool how his patients will now get better & safer service and they don't even know. Life has just gotten better for these people.

This is what a courier company should offer. Better, faster, cheaper. And hopefully, nobody even notices.

If you need a medical courier in Dallas, feel free to call us at 214-343-7212.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

FedEx ripped me off. What do you think?

So, I needed to get a document from Dallas to Austin overnight. For whatever reason, I think of FedEx first. Prolly because they built their model on guaranteed overnight service. It is burned into my brain from a child seeing those commercials... "when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight". Remember that?

Ok, so I goto FedEx/Kinkos in Frisco, TX yesterday at 3:30pm. I put the documents in a FedEx Express envelope and ship it via Priority Overnight. That option is supposed to be delivered by 10:30am next day.

I call my customer in Austin today at noon to see if he got the papers. "Nope". Nope? "Nope". So, I get back to my computer at 2:30 pm and see that it was delivered at 2:21pm. 2:21pm?

So, I call FedEx to find out "wht the delay" and what they are going to charge me. Are you ready for this? Listen up all you courier company owners... Here is what the customer service lady said to me (in a real snobby tone by the way):

FedEx Rep: Everything was delayed at all our hubs last night due to bad weather, so that is why your package was late.

ME: ok, so what are you going to charge me?

FedEx Rep: It is the same charge. There is no discount.

ME: But, my package was not delivered by 10:30. I paid to get it delievered by 10:30. Shouldn't you just charge me for the Standard Overnight?

FedEx Rep: No. It wasn't our fault. It was raining last night. So, everything was delayed.

ME: But, I paid for Priority Overnight and I didn't get Priority Overnight.

FedEx Rep: But, that is not our fault. It was raining.

ME: Right. I get it. I own a courier company myself and I understand how bad weather can slow everything down. But, if my customer requests a one-hour delivery and it takes us 4 hours to make the delivery, we surely wouldn't charge them for the 1-hour.

FedEx Rep: Hmmmm.

ME: So, you're saying that it is the FedEx policy to charge me for a service that you don't provide just because you were delayed by weather.

FedEx Rep: Yes.

ME: That's kind of a ripoff, don't you think? Nevermind, I know you can't answer that. Please tell your boss or manager that I am really upset and that I don't think I should be charged for the Priority Overnight service.

FedEx Rep: ok


ok, you business owners out there. What do you think about this? If you own a delivery service, please comment and let me know what you would do in this situation. Does UPS & Airborne have the same policy? If we did this to our customers in Dallas, we would not last very long. How about you?

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Jack in the Box logo

I know this has nothing to do with the courier business (except that prolly alot of couriers eat there). But, I just saw a location with the new logo. I like it. reminds me of the YouTube logo a little bit.

Here it is. What do you think?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Medical Courier delivery

So, I just finished an OSHA / HazMat training webinar. The trainer was Kevin Arnold with Integrity Corporate Solutions. I highly recommend them. Their number is: 719-502-7081 and their website is: http://www.integritydelivers.com/aboutus.html

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Freddie Mac CFO, David Kellerman, found dead...

"David Kellermann, the acting chief financial officer of mortgage giant Freddie Mac, was found dead at his home Wednesday morning in what police said was an apparent suicide.

The 41-year-old Kellermann was named acting chief financial officer in September 2008, after the resignation of Anthony "Buddy" Piszel, who stepped down after the September 2008 government takeover. The chief financial officer is responsible for the company's financial controls, financial reporting and oversight of the company's budget and financial planning.
Before taking that job, Kellerman served as senior vice president, corporate controller and principal accounting officer. He was with Freddie Mac for more than 16 years. "

Crazy man! I will be 40 ths year. It is crazy seeing these guys, my age, running multi-TRILLION dollar companies and ending it all. Leaving wife & children. Just crazy... and sad.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Collin County Courthouse is moving

This will be of interest to all Title Companies and Courier Services in Dallas and surrounding cities...

The Collin County Courthouse in moving to: 2300 Bloomdale Rd. McKinney, TX 75071.

The will be open at that location on Monday, April 21. In the meantime please make note of their hours this week:
4/15 - Must have all filings in by 10am
4/16 - Closed
4/17 - Closed

Be safe on the road my courier friends.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Deliveries

It's not too late to get all you Easter decorations and Easter presents. Did you know that you can use a courier service to do your shopping & errands for you? Call it your personal concierge, call it your personal valet service or call it your personal errand boy. Whatever you want to call it, just call. Don't waste your time sitting in traffic and standing in lines. Don't spend your day off running errands. Spend your free time with your family and call the courier.

JetStar Courier is your courier service in Dallas, TX. Call now: 214-343-7212 or 817-640-3106.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Company Bank Deposit

So, your company has a bank deposit that needs to be made every week or even every day. Your first thought is: "who can make the deposit?" You decide to use the receptionist or some other employee in the office. "Heck, the bank is just 10 minutes away." They can do it on the way home or during a lunch break, right?

Well, yes. But, is that really the best solution for your company? Probably not. Especially if that person is on the clock. If that bank is "just 10 minutes away", that is 10 min there, 10 min back plus however long they have to wait at the bank. So, you're starting to look at 30 minutes and if that person makes $10/hr, then paying $5 right off the bat. Then, you have to reimburse them for mileage. I think that is 55 cents per mile now.

In addition to out-of-pocket expenses, what about lost work? If they are on the clock, not only are you paying them to do the delivery, they are not doing any work at your office (the thing you hired them to do). So, now they are not only costing you money for the delivery, they are not generating any money for your company.

If that's not enough, what about the liability? Do you know who is liable if they get in an accident while performing a delivery for your company? The person with the biggest check book. That is going to be your company. It's just not worth it.

So, what do you do? Call a reputable courier company in your town. Chances are you can get a courier service to do your bank deposit for very little money. Maybe even less than it would cost to send your employee. Plus, there is no liability for you. Just make sure that the delivery service has a significant insurance policy and bonding package.

Don't waste your time & money. In Dallas, you should call JetStar Courier at www.JetStarCourier.com

Friday, April 03, 2009

How to hire a salesman

Most small businesses are operated solely by the owner(s). This usually includes sales. But, when you get to the point that you have to hire a salesman, what do you do?

I would love to hear from other courier company owners as to how they hire salesmen and how you compensate them. Do you advertise? Do you hire within? Hire a driver? Someone from the office?

When you find someone, do you pay salary, salary plus commission, or straight commission?

What is your success rate?

We are in the position where we would like to hire a salesman, but have not been able to find someone that meets all our desired qualifications that is willing to work under the compensation package we can offer.

Can anyone help me out? What have you done that has worked & not worked?

BTW, we are hiring a salesman. lol contact: jobs@jetstarcourier.com

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Courier/Delivery Drivers vs. The Police

Everyone has heard the story by now of NFL player, Ryan Moats, and the incident outside the Plano Hospital with Dallas police officer Robert Powell. And by now you prolly have heard that the wife of Dallas Cowboys player, Zach Thomas, also had a problem with office Powell last year. apparantly she was hauled into jail for 3 hours due to a number of traffic violations.

Being in the courier business for almost 20 years now, I have had my share of traffic tickets and funny traffic stop stories. Like the time when I got a speeding ticket in Plano. After receiving my ticket, I drove off and apparantly went over the speed limit again. The officer did not did not pull me over again, but they did send me another ticket in the mail. So, I wound up with 2 speeding tickets in the same block that were written 1 minute apart.

That being said, I'm sure all of you have some funny traffic ticket stories. I sure would like to hear them. I will even post them here if you want me too. Send in pictures too if you have them.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Car Share

I just came across a great business in Austin, TX. They are called Austin CareShare. It is targeted to people who do not own a car.

They have a fleet of vehicles parked around town. You sign up as one of their clients and they give you a keyfob that opens the car. Then you drive the car to your destination and then return it to the same place where you picked it up from.

They charge a monthly or yearly service fee and then hourly plus mileage.

What a great idea for a city like Austin with a big college in the middle. I think there is a similar company in San Francisco. Seattle should have one of these too. But, I wonder if it would work in a city like Dallas or Houston???? What do you think?

courier service in dallas, tx

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Outside Salesman Needed for Courier Service in Dallas, TX

JetStar Courier is a courier service in Dallas, TX. We are looking for a friendly individual to do outside sales. This would include cold calls as well as prescheduled meetings.

Experience is not mandatory but extremely helpful. Knowledge of the courier-messenger industry would also be helpful. But, most importantly, we are looking for someone who is honest, reliable, friendly and motivated to make money.

There is a potential to make over $60,000 per year. This position is commission only. There will be a draw on commission that will cover all your expenses. So, we are looking for someone who is confident that they can produce new sales.

If this is you and you are confident that you can sell; then email jobs@jetstarcourier.com

Feel free to visit our website at JetStarCourier.com to see more about us.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk as Obama's Trade Representetive

Well, i wasn't much into local dallas politics from 1995 - 2001. I was more foused on national politics then. So, I would really like to hear from some Dallas people that have opinions on Ron Kirk.

Trade policies do have some effect on courier , trucking & logistics companies. So, can anyone tell me what Kirk's polocies were in Dallas?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Texas Courier & Logistics Association

Well, the TCLA annual meeting was last week. We couldn't go this year. So, can someone tell me how it was?


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ponzi Economy Scheme

Look up "Ponzi Scheme". The United States is just a huge Ponzi Scheme. Did I invent a new phrase? "Ponzi-Economy"

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Return of Optimism

During this economic downturn, it is easy to get discouraged, depressed and generally negative. That is why I enjoyed reading this email from the sweet Claudia Post. Claudia is the owner of Diamond Transportation Group in Pennsylvania. Thank you Claudia for sending out such a positive and uplifting email.

It's not always easy to be optimistic, especially in tough economic times. But although we don't always have control over whether things are running as smooth as silk or as bumpy as an eye-laden potato, it's important to remember that we do have control over how we react to them. And that is the single most important thing you can do to re-set your optimist-pessimist gauge.

If you find yourself leaning toward the cynical, don't blame yourself. The physiology of the brain is set to react more intensely to negative images and events. It's part of our survival instinct. We sense danger; we take steps to avert it.

Pessimism is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you are sure that your bad luck will follow you wherever you go, it will. If you believe that one bad day will be followed by another, it will. And if you decide that you are powerless to change anything, you will be correct. Remember, though, that optimism works the same way, but with better results.


ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE - Make a conscious effort to hold on to the moments when good things happen.

TAKE ACTION - Pessimism is fraught with inaction. When you give in to the powerlessnessof pessimism, you give it the power to control your reaction.

GO ON A MEDIA DIET- Take a break from watching the news and reading the paper. Use your free time to take a walk, play with your children or read a book.

USE POSITIVE LANGUAGE- Use words like can and will instead of their negative counterparts. Hearing your own voice telling it that you have power or that setbacks are only temporary are very convincing.

Courier Service Dallas

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How can you lose 2.8 billion dollars?!?!?!

So, Im reading an article in the Dallas Morning News' Briefing Edition and it says that the United States Postal Service lost $2.8 BILLION last year. Not million, but BILLION. Didn't the postage go up last year?

Anyway, listen to this... last year USPS delivered 202 BILLION packages. Again, BILLION not million. This was 9 BILLION less deliveries that they did in 2007. Can you imagine losing 9 BILLION deliveries in one year? The numbers are stagering.

The Postmaster General said that if the trends continue they are looking at losing 9 BILLION dollars in 2009. How is it that the USPS can lose $9 billion and stay in business. If we don't break even, we can't stay in business.

So, what is the solution? Less deliveries. Yes, they are contemplating going to a 5-day delivery schedule instead of a 6-day schedule.

You know, this would never happen with a courier company. That is the great thing about small businesses... we figure out how to get things done and get them done efficiently. Otherwise, we are out of business.

Anyway... keep on keepin on, fellow couriers. Even with the economy the way it is and likely most of us being slower than normal... you probably probably didn't lose 9 Billion deliveries last year, so we're all doing better than the United States Post Office. Good job!

courier service in dallas

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

JetStar Courier Radio Ad #1

This was played on KTCK 1310AM "The Ticket" for a few weeks. The Ticket is a Sports Talk RAdio show in Dallas, Texas.

It didn't produce much sales. Has anyone else out there used radio advertising?

dallas courier

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Advertising your courier service - what works?

Ok, fellow courier company owners... we are all trying to get our brand out there in the minds of potential customers. What has worked and what hasn't worked for you.

Have you had any results from:
  1. Yellow Pages
  2. Chamber of Commerce
  3. Referrals
  4. Newspaper ads
  5. Radio ads
  6. Television ads
  7. Flyers
  8. Trade publications
  9. What else?

Dallas Courier Service

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bailout package for courier services and logistics companies

Man, this thing is a mess. I am reading a story on Excite News about Circuit City closing its 567 US stores which will send 34,000 people to the unemployment line. That is THIRTY-FOUR THOUSAND more people without a job!

Not to mention KB Toys, Linens 'N Things and Mervyn's. All of those stores are closing also. Wow, my mom worked at the 5th Mervyn's store in California in the early 1970's. Now they are gone.

Oh, I just read one more... Hertz Car Rental Company is going to layoff 4,000 employees.

All of this while congress starts their new year with another 2.8% cost of living salary increase.

So, here is my question... where did the $800 Billion go? I bet nobody really knows. My guess is that most of it went into somebodies pocket. You just know when the government throws out almost a trillion dollars, somebody is going to get rich. There is a major money grab and power grab going on in DC.

That $800 billion obviously isn't helping the people that used to work at KB Toys, Linens 'N Things, Hertz and Mervyn's. I can't even get into the economics of how there really isn't $800 billion. The government is just making new money out of thin air which makes all your money worth less. So, the $800 billion "stimulus" package is really just a tax increase on you and I.

How about instead of giving a trillion dollars to all the bankers that put us in this mess, they give that money to the people that actually produce wealth and prosperity for this great country. I'm sure the 34,000 ex-employees of KB Toys would appreciate a bailout.

How about the industry that gets product from one place to another. Yes, the truckers, expediters, couriers, messengers, delivery drivers, etc.

Sorry, this post is such a ramble. I just woke up and started typing. But, doesn't this stuff make you mad. Our elected politicians are selling our country to China right before our eyes. We're not going to have to worry about a future war with China because pretty soon they will own us.

Forget about learning Spanish. We all need to learn Chinese.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Do couriers want to be employees or Independent Contractors?

OK, this post if for couriers, messengers, delivery drivers, bikers, etc. Chances are that most of you are Independent Contractors (IC's). But, there are some courier companies that utilize employee drivers. Those company decisions are typically made by the owner based on the particular state laws and what is most beneficial to the company.

But, I would like to know what does each individual courier driver want to be classified as? Is it better to be an IC where you can make your own schedule, work for any company you want & take off whenever you want? Or is it better to be an employee where you can have a consistent paycheck and benefits?

There are obviously positives and negatives to each position. But, what is it that you would prefer? So, if you are a driver working for a courier company in any city, please let me know what is better for you.

Dallas courier, Houston courier, Austin courier, New York courier, Los Angeles courier, Chicago courier, Philadelphia courier, San Antonio courier, San Diego courier, San Jose courier, Detroit courier, Indianapolis courier, Jacksonville courier, San Francisco courier, Columbus courier, Memphis courier, Baltimore courier, Fort Worth courier, Charlotte courier, El Paso courier, Milwaukee courier, Seattle courier, Boston courier, Denver courier, Washington DC courier, Nashville courier, Las Vegas courier, Portland courier, Oklahoma City courier, Tucson courier, Atlanta courier, Sacramento courier, Fresno courier, Kansas City courier, Miami courier service.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Need couriers in Oklahoma

JetStar Courier needs 6 delivery drivers in Oklahoma immediately. We have 6 seperate daily runs from Oklahoma to Dallas that start on 1/12/2009.

Any type of vehicle is fine. You must have a good driving record and be available to work every day.

Pay is very good.

contact: jobs@jetstarcourier.com

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Need courier companies in every city

If you are like us, you ocasionally get a call from a customer that needs a delivery in another city. Normally, what happens is you tell your customer that you can't do it or you scramble to google and start looking up courier companies in that city. If you are really on the ball, you goto the MCAA website or the TCLA website (or something like that) and find a courier company there.

But wouldn't it be nicer if you already had an account set up with a courier company in that city and they would just nill you or take a credit card and you knew they would get the delivery done for you?

Well, we have been setting up these types of partnerships with other courier companies for years. But, we have been receiving more and more calls to get delivereis done outside of our city. So, we would like to have a partner in every city possible.

JetStar Courier is a courier company in Dallas, Texas. We would like to partenr with and set up accounts with other courier companies in every other city.

email me at info@JetStarCourier.com

Monday, January 05, 2009

Mobile Notary / Mobile Closer needed

JetStar Courier needs Mobile Notaries to do Real Estate Title closings in Houston and surrounding areas.

We have a Title Company customer in Dallas that needs us to perform Notary services in and around Houston.
This is good work for an Escrow Officer that is out of work or a Houston Courier with a Notary license looking for additional money.
If interested, contact thomas@jetstarcourier.com

Friday, January 02, 2009

Guaranteed lowest rates on Dallas Courier Services

"We guarantee the lowest price." Have you seen that before? Everyone can't have the lowest rates, can they?

In this economy everyone is shopping for the best price on everything. But, keep in mind that the lowest price is not always the best value.

When you are looking at the difference between a $10 delivery and a $15 delivery, consider what it is being delivered. If that courier lost your package, what will it cost you? If that delivery is late, what will it cost you? If that courier is rude, what will that cost you?

These are just a few things to consider. Saving an extra $5.00 could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. We had a customer leave us last year so they could save $20 per day on their routed deliveries. A dozen late deliveries, a few missing boxes and two lost customers later... they are back with us.
Don't get me wrong, we do everything possible to save our customers money. We consitantly look at our routes to see if they can be done faster & cheaper. We are always looking for ways to to be more economical. But, we don't sacrifce quality for the sake of price. The most important thing always is to do it right. And it costs money to get things done right.
Our drivers are professional. Our drivers wear company uniforms ($). Our drivers maintain proper insurance ($). Our drivers are friendly. Our drivers do everything possible to get the delivery done on time.
If you are using a courier that you are happy with, don't switch just because some saleman comes in your door promising you cheaper prices. Chances are you're going to get what you pay for.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Greg "The Hammer" Williams - Greggo on the Ticket KTCK 1310

Breaking News - Today on KTCK 1310 The Ticket, Bob Sturm & Dan McDowell announced on Bad Radio that there will be a tell all book on the Ticket radio station and the people connected to it.

The most famous former radio host has to be Greg "The Hammer" Williams AKA Greggo of The Hardline w/Mike Rhyner (The Old Gray Wolf) .

This was actually announced by George Dunham and Craig Miller on the Meusers Morning Show. But, I didn't get up early enough to listen today.

"Full Disclosure" is a tell-all book about the behind the scenes stuff at the radio station. Especially information regarding Greg Williams. Gordo's Green Bay arrest.

This really has nothing to do with the courier business. But, since delivery drivers are in their vehicles all day long, many couriers listen to talk radio and sports radio.

In January of 2010, the Ticket will celebrate it's 15th year anniversary. The Ticket will celebrate their anniversary on January 15th, 2009 at the House of Blues. The book will be available for purchase there. Why the book won't be available for Christmas... Don't worry about that.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Couriers, Messengers, Delivery Drivers in the Bejing Olympics

Have you seen the advertisement for Seur Courier Company? Here it is.

They are the sponsor for the Spanish Basketball Federation. The picture is of the Spanish Olympic Basketball team pulling the skin back on the side of their eyes to make them look slanted.

In an official statement the Spanish basketball federation explained that the "gesture was one of affection, friendliness and recognition". They also suggested that the press had inflamed the situation and would be taking “appropriate legal action".

The Spanish players themselves have made it clear than no offence was intended with squad member, José Manuel Calderón, saying he thought it would be interpreted as “affectionate.”

However, fellow team member, Pau Gasol, has firmly pointed the finger of blame at the advertiser.

“The sponsor insisted and insisted. They pushed because they're the people that pay the money. It was just a bad idea to do that. It was never intended to be offensive or racist against anybody," he told the Guardian.

BTW, you should see the picture on their website. It is a picture of a Chineese woman blowing a kiss. lol
Man, the world gets so bent out of shape over everything these days. Sure, it wasn't appropriate and it was definitely stupid. But, considering the atrocities that are being committed all around the world (including China), this isn't that big of a deal.

But, this got me to thinking... Do you know of any courier/messengers that are in the olympics? I would really like to showcase a delivery driver that is an olympic athlete. Let me know.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FedEx Funny Video #3

Here is a FedEx Ground delivery driver tossing what appears to be LCD computer monitors onto his dolly. Unfortunately some of the computer screen are hitting the ground too.

What is amazing about this video is how the driver is throwing the boxes to the ground right in front of dozens of people. It doesn't look like he cares at all.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Funny FedEx video #2

Here is another FedEx courier making a delivery. This one is a computer hard drive.

You know, FedEx and UPS are almost always less expensive than any same-day courier service. Customers want to know what benefits there are in using your service instead of FedEx & UPS.

Well, it just occured to me... we have never had a driver do something like this. Why? Because we get a signature at each delivery as do every other local courier company that I know of.

And what happens when the courier gets there and nobody is home? The driver calls dispatch to see if they have PTL (Permission to Leave). If so, the driver leaves it on the porch. The point is, they don't just walk up and throw the package on the ground and take off.

Have you noticed that UPS, FedEx, USPS don't attempt to get a signature anymore unless it is required by the sender.

Let's keep the professionalism in our industry high so we can all offer something that the big guys don't.

If there are any special services & benefits that your company offers that the big guys can't or don't, let us know.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Funny FedEx video #1

I found this on Youtube. The guy that posted this, got the video from his neighbor who has a security camera on his house.

The FedEx delivery driver throws the package 30 feet to the guys door in order to avoid going through the gate. You can see the other FedEx courier giving the thrower a fist-bump. lol

The package was a $400 cell phone.

For all of you other courier company owners. PLEASE tell your drivers to remember that cameras are everywhere now and nto to do stupid stuff like this. Wouldn't you hate to see a driver in your company uniform doing something like this. UGH!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Internet killed the courier company

I just read an article in Wired Magazine talking about courier companies and how they are losing business due to email and the internet. We all know it is happening but a couple of numbers really hit me:
  1. Three courier companies went out of business in San Francisco in the last two years.
  2. Bucky's Courier in Seattle, Washington has trashed all of their bicycle messengers.
  3. New York has 1,000 less bikers than it had 10 years ago. ONE THOUSAND less bike couriers!!! Wow! That is amazing.

The biker scene in Dallas is almost completely dead. I think there are about 10 bicycle couriers now.

It's too bad, the downtown biker is a cool element to the local courier company service. I know they have been a pain to some courier companies, but they are cool nontheless.

Here to you Mr. Too-many-earrings-funny-looking-hair-crazy-clothes-don't-give-a-crap-bike-messenger-guy. I still dig you guys!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Courier Driver Needed in Dallas

JetStar Courier is a Dallas Courier Service and we need one reliable Independent Contractor to do a route everyday (Monday - Friday) in North Dallas. Start time is 6:00am and the route ends around 3:3o pm.

Must be professional and have a reliable vehicle.

Contact: jobs@JetStarCourier.com

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Courier, Messenger, Delivery Software

What software your company uses for dispatching. Do you use GPS? Do you use Nextels or other handhelds?

We have been using LADS for nealry over 15 years now and there are some inherit limitations. I would like to hear from ALL of you on what software worked for you and what software didn't. What do you like about your currnet dispatch software and what do you dislike? What does your software do that the others don't.

Courier Complete
CXT Software

Leave a message on this blog and tell us what you use.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

FedEx courier driver killed on New Jersey Turnpike in Woodbridge

An Ocean County man was killed when the FedEx delivery truck he was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike in Woodbridge Friday struck three other vehicles that had been stopped for an earlier accident, State Police said today.

State Police spokesman Sgt. Julian Castellanos said the truck driver, Paul Kelly, 41, of Manahawkin was traveling in the right northbound lane near mile post 94.5 at about 11:30 p.m. Friday when his box truck crashed into the three vehicles, struck a guard rail and flipped.

Kelly was pronounced dead at the scene at 12:45 a.m. today, Castellanos said.

In the previous accident, which happened a few minutes earlier, a 2003 Honda Accord driven by Soraya Amin, 22, of Bayonne, crashed into the back of a tractor trailer. That truck was driven by Carl Young Jr., 41, Iselin.

A third vehicle, a 1998 Ford Expedition, stopped to help. Three of the occupants got out of the Expedition to direct traffic around the accident and assist the injured, when the SUV was struck by Kelly's truck, Castellanos said.

Three people in the SUV were taken to University Hospital in Newark. They were: Lorena Calderon, 36, of Fairlawn, along with her children, Ariana, 6, taken by ambulance and Emilia, 8, who was taken by air. Their conditions were unknown tonight.

Neither Amin or Young were injured, Castellanos said.


I hate hearing these stories. After 17 years in the business, I have never had a driver killed while working. I pray that it never happens. Be safe out there drivers. Especially you guys out there at night.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Need bobtail truck & driver

JetStar Courier is a Dallas Courier Service. We need the services of an Independent Contractor or other courier company that can supply a Reefer Bobtail Truck to go from North Houston to Austin every Monday and Friday.

Must be in Houston at midnight to load up and drive straight to Austin. There is approx 1 hour of loading time in Houston and 30 minutes of unloading time in Austin. There is an opportunity to make some additional deliveries in Austin if you wish.

Email if you have the equipment and are interested. erich@JetStarCourier.com

We also have openings for early morning couriers in Houston & Austin. Monday & Friday only.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another car accident

ok fellow couriers... here is one of my biggest pet peeves. I am tired of people complaining about fast drivers. I drive fast, I have always driven fast and I probably always will. Yet, I have NEVER been the cause of an accident. You know why? I pay attention to what I am doing! It has been my job for 17 years and I'm good at it.

Last week, I am sitting at a stoplight and BAM! Rear-ended by a lady not paying attention. Add to the two times I was rear-ended last year and my neck & back are not doing too well. Thankfully, this time was not as bad as last year when the rear-end collisions resulted in both vehicles being totaled (not to mention my 5 bulging disks and one herniated disk).

You see, the problem is NOT speeders. The problem is people that don't pay attention. I can drive, eat a hamburger, fill out a delivery ticket, talk to dispatch on my Nextel and still pay attention to the road because it is my job. But, the lady gossiping to her friend on the phone and watching her baby through the rearview mirror has no clue what is going on around her.

Maybe it is good that gas prices are going up so much. Maybe some of these people will stay off the road. It's hard enough on the road for couriers, messengers, delivery drivers.

Too bad the police can't write tickets for being an airhead. Speaking of police, give us couriers a break. We're just doing our job. You don't seem to mind when FedEx and UPS park in the middle of the street and block traffic... try to give couriers the same leeway.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Typical Friday for a courier company

  • 4 drivers out sick
  • 3 drivers broken down with car problems
  • Most of the office staff out doing deliveries
  • 90 jobs on the dispatch board to be dispatched
  • 600 "patient" customers ;)
  • uh... yeah, a little busy

Well, better than sitting around with nothing to do, huh?

Is anyone ever staffed properly for Friday's and the end of the month? Let me hear from you...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to choose a courier service. Part 2

ok, so we know from the last post that you need to choose a courier service that is staffed well enough to handle all your deliveries. Billy Bob and his brother-in-law cannot cover all your deliveries in the city. Now, let's talk about professionalism...

I am constantly amazed at the prices I see from some other "courier companies" out there. Literally, some companies are charging 50% of what we charge, which means they CHARGE less than what we PAY our drivers. So, the obvious question is: in this day and age of $4.00/gallon gas... How do these drivers make a living? Well, it doesn't take much investigating to find out that the vast majority of these drivers are... well, let’s just say you probably wouldn't want them in your house or business. Some of these guys literally look like they have been pulled out of a homeless shelter and given a repo from a junk yard.

Keep in mind that if a courier drives 200 miles per day and gets 20 miles/gallon, then he is using 10 gallons per day, equaling $40.00 per day just in gas expenses. Couriers need to make at least $600- $700 per week to survive.

The point here is that if you are using a cheap courier company, you are probably getting what you pay for... cheap service and questionable characters delivering your packages. Now, if you have any sort of sensitive documents that you are sending out, what type of person are you entrusting these documents to? Do you really want some ex-con handling your bank deposit, your documents that contain personal & confidential information or anything else???

There is a reason why reputable delivery services have to charge the rates they do. It's called good, professional service. This is what you should be looking for:

  1. Drivers wearing professional uniforms. This gives a professional appearance to your customers not to mention the ability to identify that they are a courier. Can you imagine if the FedEx, UPS or DHL guy came in your office wearing blue jeans and an un-tucked Metallica shirt?

  2. Drivers that are friendly yet professional. I cannot stand it when I see a driver ask a customer to use their restroom or for a soda out of their fridge. Couriers are in your office to do a job, not to take a break. There are plenty of office building restrooms, gas stations and fast food joints where they can take a break. Also, you don't want some creepy courier asking your receptionist out on a date and making her feel uncomfortable. The courier should be polite, friendly and professional and then get out of your office.

  3. Deliveries that don't smell like a bar. If you have ever received a package that smells like smoke, you know what I am talking about. Despite the fact that people still smoke, nobody wants to receive a delivery that smells horrible. Even if the courier smokes, there are steps he can take to ensure that he and the package don't smell bad: keeping the windows rolled down, using deodorizer spray, etc.

  4. Drivers that care. So many problems result from drivers that just don't care. They don't take the extra effort to make sure they have the right package; they don't care that deliveries might be late, etc. The reason? They typically don't get paid enough to care.
    The point is, you get what you pay for. You are not just paying to get a box from point A to point B. You are paying for a professional driver that looks good, won't offend your staff or your customer and takes the time to ensure that your package gets delivered correctly and safely. They won't try to steal any personal information and they do their best to get your delivery on time.

Don't just look for the cheapest courier in town, find a courier that offers a reasonable rate and proves that they can provide excellent overall service. Remember, your customer associates the courier you use with your company. Some of your customers actually see your courier service more than they see you. So, your courier is many times the face of your company. Do you want this to be the face of your company?

Click here to choose a Courier Service in Dallas

Next time we will talk about convenience and availibily.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

How to choose a courier service. Part 1

You are right... a monkey could do this job. Heck, it's just a matter of picking something up from here and delivering it there, right? Well, yes and no.

Yes, a monkey can pick up a package and take it somewhere. But, do you really want a smelly monkey delivering your package? No.

Delivery. It's a smiple concept. But, there are many complicated factors involved. Such as: traffic and weather conditions. Sure, it may be easy to get that package delivered across town at 10:30am on Tuedsay. But, not so much on Friday afternoon at 4:30pm. Sure it is a 20 minute drive on a nice July afternoon. But, it is a nightmare during a sleeting storm in December. Turns into 90 minutes. Those are just traffic issues.

So, what am I saying? Well, although Joe-Bob and his brother have a "courier service", the two of them can not effectively service any large account. If you have any significant amount of business then you need a legitimate courier firm that has enough drivers to handle your business as well as all their other customers. Click here for a Dallas Courier Service.

Next time we will talk about professionalism and image.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Are we in the 70's again?

Astronomical gas prices, dive-bombing value of the dollar, record home foreclosures... ugh.

Today, the national average of regular unleaded is $3.98. In San Francisco, the average is $4.33 and deisel fuel is as high as $5.39!!!

I haven't seen any gas lines... yet

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke highlighted in a speech yesterday, said that the falling value of the dollar can feed into inflation expectations, and that rapid price escalation, if sustained, "might lead the public to expect higher long-term inflation rates, an expectation that ultimately could become self-confirming."

"We're at the edge of the cliff right now," said Scott Anderson, senior economist at Wells Fargo. "It's still at an embryonic stage, like where we were in 1973 or 1974, not as bad as things were in 1979. But it could move in that direction if the Fed isn't aggressive."

"We are assuming that prices will continue to go up, not that they're going to level off anytime soon," said John Benko, president of Manko Delivery Systems, a Tampa company that offers ground freight, logistics and other services. His company has been able to pass on about three-quarters of the higher fuel costs to customers in the form of higher prices, with the rest cutting into his firm's profit.

So, crank up your Rolling Stones 8-track, put on your hip-huggers and pray that we don't see another round of disco music... Who will be our Ronald Reagan and pull us out of this mess?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Record gas prices again. Get ready for $4.00/gallon.

Well, next seekend is Memorial Day weekend. You might know that gas prices Always go up for Memorial Day weekend. This year will be no exception. With the price of oil already at $127.00 per barrel, we may be looking at Oil flirting with $200/barrel! Yes, I am serious! Check out the quote from Goldman Sachs:

"As the lack of supply growth and price-insulated non-OECD demand suggest a future rebound in U.S. gross domestic product growth or a major oil supply disruption could lead to $150-$200 a barrel oil prices".

Can you imagine what gas prices would be like if oil hits $200?!?! Combine this with our country going into a recession... well, let me just say, I would not want to be our next president and take over this mess. We might not be too far waya from this cartoon:

I sure would like to hear from somebody that thinks they have the answers to this problem.

In the meantime, if need errands run, bank deposits made, lunch picked up for the office, etc... stop wasting your money by using your own car and gas. Call a local courier service and have them do it for you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gas Prices killing you part 3

Alex Beamer: Electric Truck and Wind Power for HimIn 1977, Alex Beamer bought Breitenbush Hot Spring, an old hot springs resort in the mountains of rural Oregon, about an hour east of the state capital, Salem, where he now lives and manages a natural foods store.

"At Breitenbush I helped create a community that sought to live lightly on the Earth and serve others as a healing retreat and conference center," he says. "In the early days of that adventure I worked a lot with developing alternative energy projects. I restored a 30-kilowatt small hydroelectric system, drilled wells into the geothermal aquifers, and used the hot water to heat our buildings, domestic hot water, and hot tubs." Breitenbush Hot Springs recently celebrated its 30th anniversary as a cooperatively owned business.

So Beamer was already predisposed to living sustainably when he decided to buy an electric truck and charge it with wind energy. But the thing that inspired him to get the electric truck was a sustainability conference where he heard a talk about peak oil.

On investigating if he could buy or convert a Toyota Prius into a plug-in hybrid, he found the technology wasn’t yet ready to use. He then looked into electric vehicles and found there were no assembly-line options at the time that worked for ordinary driving. "So I searched the Internet for conventional gasoline cars that had been converted to electric, and that’s when I ran across an ad for the electric truck I ended up buying."

It’s a 1997 production vehicle made by Chevrolet, and it was ready to go when I bought it," he says. "They made about 1,500 of them. Most were leased vehicles that were collected at the end of the leases and crushed. A few, maybe 50 or 60, were sold privately. My truck and many like it were used for a few years, then developed some problems and were parked for years. A fellow in Mesa, Arizona who’s an electric vehicle advocate bought many of them and restored them. That’s where I bought mine: http://www.evbones.com/."

When Beamer bought the truck, he was already purchasing “greensource” electricity from PG&E, his local utility. “PG&E offers all its customers several choices of environmentally friendly electricity, and we chose greensource, which is 85 percent wind and 15 percent biomass. Using wind-generated electricity makes a whole lot more sense than coal, and the cost is comparable to conventional electricity. Conventional is 9.9¢ per kilowatt hour and greensource costs 10.7¢, so greensource is .8¢ more.” PG&E’s website for clean electricity options is here.

Beamer says there’s a lot of interest in electric vehicles but very few ‘good’ ones available today, and retrofitting a conventional car is time-consuming and expensive. “Hopefully in the near future there will be more choices,” he says, "once battery technology gets where it needs to be."

Beamer says Tesla electric cars, which are now coming off the assembly line, are"“the most exciting thing happening now, but they’re very expensive." Here's a wide range of electric cars and conversions .

At the beginning of February Beamer turned off his home oil fired furnace and started using a ground loop heat pump system to heat the family home. "So now, since this system runs off electricity and our utility offers a clean electricity option, we run our whole household with wind powered electricity!"

Gas Prices killing you part 2

Yesterday, you read about Darrell Dickey and his no-gas RAV-4 EV. Today, is Stephen Weitz.

Stephen Weitz, who holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry, says four things prompted him to buy an electric truck and charge it with solar energy: 1) global warming and the National Academy of Sciences (NAS); 2) Albert Einstein; 3) nitrogen "overdose"; and 4) open habitat and species destruction."

NAS began warning of the dangers of rising carbon dioxide levels on global temperatures due to the greenhouse effect years ago," says Weitz, who lives in Oakland, California. "And Einstein won the Nobel Prize for describing the 'photovoltaic effect,' inaugurating the age of quantum physics and making photovoltaic solar panels a theoretical possibility."

Regarding nitrogen overdose, scientists have been documenting that harmless nitrogen (air is 80 percent nitrogen) is converted into potent fertilizer by internal combustion engines. This fertilizer is then deposited on soils, harming native plant ecosystems and endangered species.

"Some call it drive-by ICE (internal combustion engine) extinction," Weitz says. "Using 'green fuels' like ethanol and biodiesel would continue the problem, and hydrogen fuel cells are no solution because they cost too much, they're less efficient than battery-powered vehicles, and hydrogen is made by stripping fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide and exacerbates global warming."

Weitz wanted a source of energy for his electric vehicle that didn't originate from combustion. "By putting solar panels on the roof of my house, I could make use of an endless energy supply to charge my electric vehicle and operate and heat the house. Your house and your vehicle are the two biggest contributors to global warming, so making both carbon neutral strikes at the heart of the problem."

Rooftop mounting of solar panels also eliminates the need to convert undeveloped habitat into solar generation facilities. "We need to save open space for ecosystems, and we have so many empty roofs across the nation," he says. He points out as well that terrorist attacks and earthquakes are less destructive when power generation is distributed diffusely, rather than in concentrated spots like nuclear power plants or nuclear waste disposal sites.

For his PV system, Weitz contacted NorCal Solar (http://www.norcalsolar.org/), which lists state-approved contractors. He obtained multiple bids, arranged two site visits, and got a "significant" rebate from the state for installing the system. He has Time of Use metering, and in the summer he gets a greater dollars-per-kilowatt credit for his solar-generated electricity than he spends at night to charge his electric truck. "PG&E (the local utility) is happy because their peak power needs are highest when my solar panels are putting out the watts, and lowest at night when I'm charging. The PG&E bill for operating my house and electric vehicle is almost zero."

There are two types of EV's, he explains: highway capable battery electric vehicles (BEVs), and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs). "Buy only what you need," he advises." If you drive mostly around town and take long trips once a year, get an NEV and rent a car for the long trip. If you must do lots of freeway driving, buy a BEV—just realize it will cost more and use more energy."

Weitz searched the Web for his electric vehicle, and recommends eBay, http://www.evnut.com/, and http://www.eaaev.org/. "I was lucky and found one of the rare vehicles in the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" that hadn't been crushed by the auto industry—a factory-built Chevy S10 pickup. I had it shipped from Arizona and an electrician installed a 220-volt charger in my garage."

Millions of Americans, Weitz says, want the option to drive on cleaner, cheaper, domestic electricity. Many have banded together in the nonprofit Plug In America (http://www.pluginamerica.org/) to demand that automakers give consumers a choice.

Gas Prices killing you part 1

JetStar Courier is always looking for ways to help our customers save money. Check out the first of this 3 part series on cars that never need gas. That's right, these cars use no gas... zero, nada, nil, nothing...

Darrell Dickey:

A New Car -- And Fuel for LifeDarrell Dickey regularly commutes to work 24 miles, one way, by bike. But when it's too cold or wet for the bike, or when he and his family travel long distances from their home in Davis, California, he drives a battery-powered electric vehicle that he charges with photovoltaic (PV) panels mounted on his garage roof.

"Five years ago, I spent about $45,000 and got a brand new car (the RAv4EV) and the solar system," he says. "We're still driving the car every day, and the solar system will continue to make fuel for whatever EV we drive in the future. For $45,000 we bought a new car and fuel for the rest or our lives."

In 1996, Dickey was invited to test-drive the GM "Impact", which he then leased for two years. (The Impact later became the EV1, the first modern electric vehicle.) "We loved that car and hated to give it back," he says. But the Toyota Rav4EV had just become available for purchase, so he bought the electric vehicle he is driving today.

Dickey says the inspiration to drive electric comes from having a child. "It would embarrass me to have to explain to my daughter why we continued to import and burn oil when we knew the consequences," he says. "Having no tune-ups and no trips to the gas station ever is just icing."

By installing a solar system atop his garage, Dickey took the next step in driving a totally clean car. "Now," he says, "I can deflect the comments that my 'electric' car is just a 'coal-burning' car. EVs are the ultimate flex-fuel vehicle. You can make electricity out of just about anything: sun, wind, natural gas, coal—even gasoline! Your fuel can be totally domestic, or in my case, totally local."

Asked how long it will take for the PV system to pay for itself, Dickey replies: "If we think of everything in terms of what it costs us in the short-term, we're screwed. It's the same argument people use against the Prius: When will it pay back in gas savings? But that only accounts for the money paid at the pump. What of the billions of dollars that leave our economy for oil, or the billions of our tax dollars that go toward tax incentives for oil companies? What of the cost of the military and the lives lost to protect our oil?"

But the short answer for the solar pay-back, he says, was "the instant I turned my system on." Dickey had been paying $75 a month for electricity. He took a loan out to buy the PV system, and pays $70 a month toward that loan. "My electricity and gasoline bills are now zero, and next year when my loan is paid off, this investment will be paying me probably for the rest of my life. My PV system covers the power for my home and my car. It displaces $90 worth of electricity and over $100 worth of gasoline every month. So my estimate of how long until the system pays for itself is no time at all!"

Dickey says the Rav4EV is the best car he's ever owned. "My wife commutes in it 40 miles a day, five days a week. We drive it for our weekend outings and it does errands that are too far or too bulky for the bicycle. It has never been tuned up, and I've spent about $50 total on it for maintenance. My wife has not been to a gasoline station in seven years and 70,000 commute miles—not once!"

Friday, May 02, 2008

Bank Deposits

A man has been accused of attempting to pass a $360 billion check, which he claims was given to him by his girlfriend’s mother to start a record business, Fort Worth police said.

Charles Ray Fuller, 21, of Crowley, was arrested on April 22 on an accusation of forgery, police said.

Police responded to a report of a man attempting to pass the check about 4 p.m. that day at the Chase bank in the 8600 block of South Hulen Street, Fort Worth police Lt. Paul Henderson said.

The personal check was not made out to Mr. Fuller and when the bank contacted the check owner, the woman said she did not write a check for $360 billion.

Mr. Fuller was also accused of unlawful carrying of a weapon and possession of marijuana, Lt. Henderson said. He may also face a theft charge in Crowley.

Lt. Henderson said he did not know if Mr. Fuller and his girlfriend were still together.