Sunday, February 25, 2007

Live blogging from dispatch

Well, we are half-way through our second State-wide project. Our first project, in December, we picked up from 48 different cities in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas (using 48 different drivers)... drove all the deliveries to Dallas... Palletized all the boxes... Put everything on one truck and drove it to New Jersey. The entire project started at 8:00pm on Saturday night and we delivered to New Jersey at 3:00pm Monday afternoon (42 hours - you have to factor in a time change). Smokey and the Bandit would have been proud!

Well, tonight it's 2:45am, and we are just waiting on 3 more drivers to arrive in Dallas. This time, it looks like we will be in New Jersey around 12:00 noon. Saving our customer an extra 3 hours. Let's see UPS or FedEx do that!!!

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