Thursday, June 05, 2008

How to choose a courier service. Part 1

You are right... a monkey could do this job. Heck, it's just a matter of picking something up from here and delivering it there, right? Well, yes and no.

Yes, a monkey can pick up a package and take it somewhere. But, do you really want a smelly monkey delivering your package? No.

Delivery. It's a smiple concept. But, there are many complicated factors involved. Such as: traffic and weather conditions. Sure, it may be easy to get that package delivered across town at 10:30am on Tuedsay. But, not so much on Friday afternoon at 4:30pm. Sure it is a 20 minute drive on a nice July afternoon. But, it is a nightmare during a sleeting storm in December. Turns into 90 minutes. Those are just traffic issues.

So, what am I saying? Well, although Joe-Bob and his brother have a "courier service", the two of them can not effectively service any large account. If you have any significant amount of business then you need a legitimate courier firm that has enough drivers to handle your business as well as all their other customers. Click here for a Dallas Courier Service.

Next time we will talk about professionalism and image.


Arrow Light Haulage said...

Great post :-)
so many people think its just getting in a van and going from a to b, how hard can that be?
Harder than you think.
Well done for pointing out the pitfalls.

Anonymous said...

Out where I live and do business choosing a courier service is actually pretty easy. There are plenty of company’s you want to avoid like anywhere else but there are two or three companies that know how to make a delivery on time, with courtesy, and no excuses….or damage for that matter.

delivery service Dallas said...

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