Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Funny FedEx video #2

Here is another FedEx courier making a delivery. This one is a computer hard drive.

You know, FedEx and UPS are almost always less expensive than any same-day courier service. Customers want to know what benefits there are in using your service instead of FedEx & UPS.

Well, it just occured to me... we have never had a driver do something like this. Why? Because we get a signature at each delivery as do every other local courier company that I know of.

And what happens when the courier gets there and nobody is home? The driver calls dispatch to see if they have PTL (Permission to Leave). If so, the driver leaves it on the porch. The point is, they don't just walk up and throw the package on the ground and take off.

Have you noticed that UPS, FedEx, USPS don't attempt to get a signature anymore unless it is required by the sender.

Let's keep the professionalism in our industry high so we can all offer something that the big guys don't.

If there are any special services & benefits that your company offers that the big guys can't or don't, let us know.

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