Wednesday, January 28, 2009

JetStar Courier Radio Ad #1

This was played on KTCK 1310AM "The Ticket" for a few weeks. The Ticket is a Sports Talk RAdio show in Dallas, Texas.

It didn't produce much sales. Has anyone else out there used radio advertising?

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Advertising your courier service - what works?

Ok, fellow courier company owners... we are all trying to get our brand out there in the minds of potential customers. What has worked and what hasn't worked for you.

Have you had any results from:
  1. Yellow Pages
  2. Chamber of Commerce
  3. Referrals
  4. Newspaper ads
  5. Radio ads
  6. Television ads
  7. Flyers
  8. Trade publications
  9. What else?

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bailout package for courier services and logistics companies

Man, this thing is a mess. I am reading a story on Excite News about Circuit City closing its 567 US stores which will send 34,000 people to the unemployment line. That is THIRTY-FOUR THOUSAND more people without a job!

Not to mention KB Toys, Linens 'N Things and Mervyn's. All of those stores are closing also. Wow, my mom worked at the 5th Mervyn's store in California in the early 1970's. Now they are gone.

Oh, I just read one more... Hertz Car Rental Company is going to layoff 4,000 employees.

All of this while congress starts their new year with another 2.8% cost of living salary increase.

So, here is my question... where did the $800 Billion go? I bet nobody really knows. My guess is that most of it went into somebodies pocket. You just know when the government throws out almost a trillion dollars, somebody is going to get rich. There is a major money grab and power grab going on in DC.

That $800 billion obviously isn't helping the people that used to work at KB Toys, Linens 'N Things, Hertz and Mervyn's. I can't even get into the economics of how there really isn't $800 billion. The government is just making new money out of thin air which makes all your money worth less. So, the $800 billion "stimulus" package is really just a tax increase on you and I.

How about instead of giving a trillion dollars to all the bankers that put us in this mess, they give that money to the people that actually produce wealth and prosperity for this great country. I'm sure the 34,000 ex-employees of KB Toys would appreciate a bailout.

How about the industry that gets product from one place to another. Yes, the truckers, expediters, couriers, messengers, delivery drivers, etc.

Sorry, this post is such a ramble. I just woke up and started typing. But, doesn't this stuff make you mad. Our elected politicians are selling our country to China right before our eyes. We're not going to have to worry about a future war with China because pretty soon they will own us.

Forget about learning Spanish. We all need to learn Chinese.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Do couriers want to be employees or Independent Contractors?

OK, this post if for couriers, messengers, delivery drivers, bikers, etc. Chances are that most of you are Independent Contractors (IC's). But, there are some courier companies that utilize employee drivers. Those company decisions are typically made by the owner based on the particular state laws and what is most beneficial to the company.

But, I would like to know what does each individual courier driver want to be classified as? Is it better to be an IC where you can make your own schedule, work for any company you want & take off whenever you want? Or is it better to be an employee where you can have a consistent paycheck and benefits?

There are obviously positives and negatives to each position. But, what is it that you would prefer? So, if you are a driver working for a courier company in any city, please let me know what is better for you.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Need couriers in Oklahoma

JetStar Courier needs 6 delivery drivers in Oklahoma immediately. We have 6 seperate daily runs from Oklahoma to Dallas that start on 1/12/2009.

Any type of vehicle is fine. You must have a good driving record and be available to work every day.

Pay is very good.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Need courier companies in every city

If you are like us, you ocasionally get a call from a customer that needs a delivery in another city. Normally, what happens is you tell your customer that you can't do it or you scramble to google and start looking up courier companies in that city. If you are really on the ball, you goto the MCAA website or the TCLA website (or something like that) and find a courier company there.

But wouldn't it be nicer if you already had an account set up with a courier company in that city and they would just nill you or take a credit card and you knew they would get the delivery done for you?

Well, we have been setting up these types of partnerships with other courier companies for years. But, we have been receiving more and more calls to get delivereis done outside of our city. So, we would like to have a partner in every city possible.

JetStar Courier is a courier company in Dallas, Texas. We would like to partenr with and set up accounts with other courier companies in every other city.

email me at

Monday, January 05, 2009

Mobile Notary / Mobile Closer needed

JetStar Courier needs Mobile Notaries to do Real Estate Title closings in Houston and surrounding areas.

We have a Title Company customer in Dallas that needs us to perform Notary services in and around Houston.
This is good work for an Escrow Officer that is out of work or a Houston Courier with a Notary license looking for additional money.
If interested, contact

Friday, January 02, 2009

Guaranteed lowest rates on Dallas Courier Services

"We guarantee the lowest price." Have you seen that before? Everyone can't have the lowest rates, can they?

In this economy everyone is shopping for the best price on everything. But, keep in mind that the lowest price is not always the best value.

When you are looking at the difference between a $10 delivery and a $15 delivery, consider what it is being delivered. If that courier lost your package, what will it cost you? If that delivery is late, what will it cost you? If that courier is rude, what will that cost you?

These are just a few things to consider. Saving an extra $5.00 could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. We had a customer leave us last year so they could save $20 per day on their routed deliveries. A dozen late deliveries, a few missing boxes and two lost customers later... they are back with us.
Don't get me wrong, we do everything possible to save our customers money. We consitantly look at our routes to see if they can be done faster & cheaper. We are always looking for ways to to be more economical. But, we don't sacrifce quality for the sake of price. The most important thing always is to do it right. And it costs money to get things done right.
Our drivers are professional. Our drivers wear company uniforms ($). Our drivers maintain proper insurance ($). Our drivers are friendly. Our drivers do everything possible to get the delivery done on time.
If you are using a courier that you are happy with, don't switch just because some saleman comes in your door promising you cheaper prices. Chances are you're going to get what you pay for.