Monday, January 12, 2009

Do couriers want to be employees or Independent Contractors?

OK, this post if for couriers, messengers, delivery drivers, bikers, etc. Chances are that most of you are Independent Contractors (IC's). But, there are some courier companies that utilize employee drivers. Those company decisions are typically made by the owner based on the particular state laws and what is most beneficial to the company.

But, I would like to know what does each individual courier driver want to be classified as? Is it better to be an IC where you can make your own schedule, work for any company you want & take off whenever you want? Or is it better to be an employee where you can have a consistent paycheck and benefits?

There are obviously positives and negatives to each position. But, what is it that you would prefer? So, if you are a driver working for a courier company in any city, please let me know what is better for you.

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