Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Need courier companies in every city

If you are like us, you ocasionally get a call from a customer that needs a delivery in another city. Normally, what happens is you tell your customer that you can't do it or you scramble to google and start looking up courier companies in that city. If you are really on the ball, you goto the MCAA website or the TCLA website (or something like that) and find a courier company there.

But wouldn't it be nicer if you already had an account set up with a courier company in that city and they would just nill you or take a credit card and you knew they would get the delivery done for you?

Well, we have been setting up these types of partnerships with other courier companies for years. But, we have been receiving more and more calls to get delivereis done outside of our city. So, we would like to have a partner in every city possible.

JetStar Courier is a courier company in Dallas, Texas. We would like to partenr with and set up accounts with other courier companies in every other city.

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