Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How can you lose 2.8 billion dollars?!?!?!

So, Im reading an article in the Dallas Morning News' Briefing Edition and it says that the United States Postal Service lost $2.8 BILLION last year. Not million, but BILLION. Didn't the postage go up last year?

Anyway, listen to this... last year USPS delivered 202 BILLION packages. Again, BILLION not million. This was 9 BILLION less deliveries that they did in 2007. Can you imagine losing 9 BILLION deliveries in one year? The numbers are stagering.

The Postmaster General said that if the trends continue they are looking at losing 9 BILLION dollars in 2009. How is it that the USPS can lose $9 billion and stay in business. If we don't break even, we can't stay in business.

So, what is the solution? Less deliveries. Yes, they are contemplating going to a 5-day delivery schedule instead of a 6-day schedule.

You know, this would never happen with a courier company. That is the great thing about small businesses... we figure out how to get things done and get them done efficiently. Otherwise, we are out of business.

Anyway... keep on keepin on, fellow couriers. Even with the economy the way it is and likely most of us being slower than normal... you probably probably didn't lose 9 Billion deliveries last year, so we're all doing better than the United States Post Office. Good job!

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Anonymous said...

You stated, "Can you imagine losing 9 BILLION deliveries in one year"? Well, I say everything is relative. Meaning that if I did 211 BILLION deliveries and lost 9 BILLION deliveries in one year, I would be thankful! Do you realize that is only a 4.27 percent loss?

The rest of us are taking a hit 10 times greater! Yes, that means sales are down almost 45 percent. And that's not just in the courier industry. It's all over. Almost everybody that has an IRA or 401k or other types of investments have watched their life savings evaporate before their very eyes.

Yes, I agree, we courier companies can not operate like the US Postal Service or we would be out of business. If it is true that they have lost 2.8 billion, it is because of their inefficiencies, NOT because of losing 4.27 percent of their previous year’s deliveries.

They will stand inline to get their share of the Bailouts, while you and I and our children will pay for it. They will be helping to deliberately destroy the US dollar.

I suggest we all open our eyes to the truth of what's going on before it's too late. Just do some of your own research. It's not hard to learn the truth.

If you think 2.8 BILLION is bad, then I ask you this...

How does the Pentagon lose 2.3 TRILLION?

JetStar Courier said...

You are right, bro. Times are tough and I think almost everyone is losing.

Good points and good video. thx.

kb said...

very hapless