Friday, March 27, 2009

Car Share

I just came across a great business in Austin, TX. They are called Austin CareShare. It is targeted to people who do not own a car.

They have a fleet of vehicles parked around town. You sign up as one of their clients and they give you a keyfob that opens the car. Then you drive the car to your destination and then return it to the same place where you picked it up from.

They charge a monthly or yearly service fee and then hourly plus mileage.

What a great idea for a city like Austin with a big college in the middle. I think there is a similar company in San Francisco. Seattle should have one of these too. But, I wonder if it would work in a city like Dallas or Houston???? What do you think?

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Parcel delivery said...

I've never been to Austin, but I reckon this could only work in a city with a very basic public transport infrastructure. A place like London, Paris, New York would probably not give too many clients to this company. The parking would be a nightmare to start with and people just don't need another headache by looking after a rented car when they can just take the bus or the underground.

kb said...

good idea hope its here soon