Friday, April 03, 2009

How to hire a salesman

Most small businesses are operated solely by the owner(s). This usually includes sales. But, when you get to the point that you have to hire a salesman, what do you do?

I would love to hear from other courier company owners as to how they hire salesmen and how you compensate them. Do you advertise? Do you hire within? Hire a driver? Someone from the office?

When you find someone, do you pay salary, salary plus commission, or straight commission?

What is your success rate?

We are in the position where we would like to hire a salesman, but have not been able to find someone that meets all our desired qualifications that is willing to work under the compensation package we can offer.

Can anyone help me out? What have you done that has worked & not worked?

BTW, we are hiring a salesman. lol contact:

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john smith said...

Otherwise, they may just stare blankly (or still shrug) and you are stuck with the random price. delivery