Thursday, May 28, 2009

The world is a safer place today...

...well it is safer for those medical patients that get their tissue samples evaluated by a certain medical lab here in the DFW area.

Now that JetStar Courier is HIPPA & OSHA trained & compliant, we offer superb medical deliveries for labs, hospitals, doctors, etc.

Today we signed up another new doctor. All of his patients will now be receiving the best, most secure, deliveries of their specimens between their doctors office & hospital.

Of course I can't mention what doctor it is. But, isn't it cool how his patients will now get better & safer service and they don't even know. Life has just gotten better for these people.

This is what a courier company should offer. Better, faster, cheaper. And hopefully, nobody even notices.

If you need a medical courier in Dallas, feel free to call us at 214-343-7212.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

FedEx ripped me off. What do you think?

So, I needed to get a document from Dallas to Austin overnight. For whatever reason, I think of FedEx first. Prolly because they built their model on guaranteed overnight service. It is burned into my brain from a child seeing those commercials... "when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight". Remember that?

Ok, so I goto FedEx/Kinkos in Frisco, TX yesterday at 3:30pm. I put the documents in a FedEx Express envelope and ship it via Priority Overnight. That option is supposed to be delivered by 10:30am next day.

I call my customer in Austin today at noon to see if he got the papers. "Nope". Nope? "Nope". So, I get back to my computer at 2:30 pm and see that it was delivered at 2:21pm. 2:21pm?

So, I call FedEx to find out "wht the delay" and what they are going to charge me. Are you ready for this? Listen up all you courier company owners... Here is what the customer service lady said to me (in a real snobby tone by the way):

FedEx Rep: Everything was delayed at all our hubs last night due to bad weather, so that is why your package was late.

ME: ok, so what are you going to charge me?

FedEx Rep: It is the same charge. There is no discount.

ME: But, my package was not delivered by 10:30. I paid to get it delievered by 10:30. Shouldn't you just charge me for the Standard Overnight?

FedEx Rep: No. It wasn't our fault. It was raining last night. So, everything was delayed.

ME: But, I paid for Priority Overnight and I didn't get Priority Overnight.

FedEx Rep: But, that is not our fault. It was raining.

ME: Right. I get it. I own a courier company myself and I understand how bad weather can slow everything down. But, if my customer requests a one-hour delivery and it takes us 4 hours to make the delivery, we surely wouldn't charge them for the 1-hour.

FedEx Rep: Hmmmm.

ME: So, you're saying that it is the FedEx policy to charge me for a service that you don't provide just because you were delayed by weather.

FedEx Rep: Yes.

ME: That's kind of a ripoff, don't you think? Nevermind, I know you can't answer that. Please tell your boss or manager that I am really upset and that I don't think I should be charged for the Priority Overnight service.

FedEx Rep: ok


ok, you business owners out there. What do you think about this? If you own a delivery service, please comment and let me know what you would do in this situation. Does UPS & Airborne have the same policy? If we did this to our customers in Dallas, we would not last very long. How about you?