Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Day in the life of a courier company - Day 1

What a day to start the “Official Blog of the courier industry". Lol

Today started like any other day. A couple of drivers out with car issues. But, hey it’s only a Tuesday. We can handle it. Despite an early morning rain, everything was running very smoothly. In fact, I was wondering if there was going to be anything to blog about today.

Then, at 12:15pm, our dispatcher said that he needed to leave immediately. Sharp pains in the back & nausea. Yes, you guessed it… Kidney Stones! Ouch! Now, this is our only dispatcher right now. But, there are three owners of JetStar Courier and we were all full-time dispatchers at some point in our career. I was out doing sales calls and Thomas was at a school function with one of his children. Fortunately, our other partner, Janan, was in the office and she was able to take over dispatch and I continued with my sales calls. Once again, the small business triumphs over adversity because we are flexible, cross-trained & prepared.

Now I thought this would make a pretty funny story for my first blog. But, no… the day was not over yet. At 1:00pm, Janan (who was dispatching now) called me on my Nextel radio and said that she would have to leave for the doctor too because she was developing pink eye. I told her that I would cancel all my sales calls and head into the office. But, she didn’t want me to be exposed to the dreaded pink eye germs. So, I went home and logged into the computer. Thankfully, we have a computer system that allows us to login from anywhere using the internet. Janan was unable to tell me what all the drivers were doing because she could no longer see the computer monitor. The pink eye had almost completely shut her eyes.

Man, technology is amazing and wonderful. Ten years ago there is no way I could have run the entire dispatch operation from home. But, today because of our Nextel radios, LADS computer software & the internet, what could have been a disastrous day really turned out to be quite uneventful. At least from the viewpoint of our drivers and customers. Not a single delivery was late today. Plus I didn’t have to worry about the commute home since I was already there. Today was a good day!


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Sorry to hear about your dispatchers' kidney stones and pink eye. That sounds like a rough day. I can see how internet software systems would really be valuable to a courier service.


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